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After sales service

The after sales service is a focal point on which B.O.B. has invested much energy to complete and and grant to the client a unique experience of utilization.

The entiry life cycle of the B.O.B. equipment is supported by an efficient technical staff inside our company and through a dealers' distribution net, prepared to assist our customers in all their needs.
B.O.B. and its dealers are aware that in this activity not only the equipments, but above all the relationships are very important. We always aim at customer's satisfaction and we are aware that this means granting assistance on the equipment throughout all their life. 



14 % - After sales service percentage on the total B.O.B. s.p.a. total turnover.

75% - After sales service turnover invested in new technologies and yearly R&D.

7 % - Yearly after sales turnover growth

80% - Of the articles requested by our customers on stock

20.200 – B.O.B. equipments active on the market and totally assisted and maintained